Turf Games 2023 complete

InnerFight takes the games by storm
Written by Marcus Smith
Nov 15, 2023
Turf Games 2023 complete

Competitive fitness in the UAE is booming on all levels. If you made it down to the Turf Games at Sports City the past weekend you would have seen this with your own eyes. A day and a half of every level of athlete pushing their physical and mental boundaries along with families and friends to cheer them on.

The 1,000 plus participants in the 2023 Turf Games Dubai City series were matched with close to the same number of fans creating an incredible atmosphere at this annual event that builds momentum year on year. With the competition split into 3 categories: Elite, Intermediate and Everyday there is a place on the 6 person team for everyone. The split of 3 males and 3 females in each team creates the community feel that we love here at InnerFight.

With 7 InnerFight teams, this year was our biggest participation to date in the event which we first participated and podiumed in back in 2020. It was inspiring to once again see our “teens” team lead by coach Bonnie going head to head with adults in the competition and holding their own. A number of teams had ramped their training up over the last few months focusing on their gymnastics and weightlifting looking to get the extra edge in this years competition.

Having finished 5th in 2022 our slightly reworked elite team (Andy, Sandro, Crehos, Jess, Holly & Vic) pushed hard right the way through to the final event securing 3rd place on the podium. “Not bad considering we are all “masters athletes” except Crehos” were the words of Andy as he led the team up to the podium.

“Although podiums are nice this competition is about way more than our elite team, this is about members of our community coming together and having good fun in a competitive environment. It is a reward for the hard training they do throughout the year. If we were to be judged on the number of athletes, the number of supporters and the team spirit the guys showed out there we would have them all on top of the podium, it was inspiring to watch.” Marcus added.

There are a number of other fitness competitions similar to the Turf Games which happen throughout the year. Keep your eye on our events page or chat to the coaching team if you are keen to get involved.

Thanks to all of our competitors and supporters for making the 2023 Turf Games a great weekend for us.

All photos from the event here


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