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Running through the mountains of Oman

Explore nature, culture and your limits

Priorities with Rickson D Souza

Entrepreneurship and networking strategies

Members of the Month (November)

Congratulations to all the Members of the Month for November!

Daily Workout #49

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Cycle Strong, with Tom Walker

We now bring you Cycle Strong!
Himam Ultra

Himam Ultra

Thank you Himam Ultra and we will certainly be seeing you in 2024.

Our HQ in Dubai

Welcome to InnerFight, a purpose built facility in Studio City, Dubai. Here we will make you better at life. Be it through one of our 80+ classes a week, personal training sessions, coach consultations or over a coffee in our on site Smith St Cafe. We welcome you.

Train with the best endurance team on the planet.

Our goal is simple...."The best endurance team on the planet." by combining our brand values of Fun, Simplicity, Hard Work, Honesty, Mental Toughness & Smash life with our 4 metric pillars of Service, Impact, Coaching & Community

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