End of season awards

InnerFight Endurance Ireland
Written by Marcus Smith
Nov 14, 2023
End of season awards

InnerFight Endurance Ireland have marked the end of the 2023 Irish running calendar with its inaugural end of season awards.

The team that was established in 2022 has seen the community and thirst for both road running and trail running in Ireland grow rapidly over the last 12 months. Members have raced in short and long format road and trail races locally in Ireland and overseas, most recently in Amsterdam along with the wider global InnerFight community.

The effort of team members were recognised with bespoke awards pieces, custom made by a key member of the Irish community, Brain. In similar fashion as is done at InnerFight endurance in Dubai members were recognised for: Runner of the year, Rookie of the year, Community award and the ultimate "No Weakness" award.

Congratulations to the respective winners of the awards:

Runner of the year - Sarah Clarke

The Rookie of the year - Olly James

Community award - Brian Tyrrell

No Weakness award - Dealga McAree

In this short period of just over 12 months Coach Simon has built a fun and inspiring community that more than understand hard work, which the members are proud to be a part of. Their commitment to community sessions, personalised programs and races around the world this year has set a rock solid foundation for things to come.

The event was hosted at the Happy Pear which has been a great support to InnerFight Endurance Ireland since it's inception. The energy in the room on the evening of the awards really underpins what this brand is all about and presenting the awards was clearly a very proud and moving moment for Simon.

As the night came to a close, Hannah surprised the team with a poem she had written.

A Google review was the task at hand

but as I sat down to write, I thought how will they ever understand

This group is so encouraging and oh so merry

weather its your first 5k or 200 in Kerry

If you are doing the park run, the eco an Ultra or more

There really isnt much this team can’t endure

At start lines and finishes at tempo and track

You can always be sure, We’ll be having the crack!

The crew are amazing and that’s easy to say

but what about our Coach I could go on all day

He is more than a coach and even a friend

What he has done for us all he will never comprehend

He has knowledge and courage and more grit than most

but I can guarantee he will never be the type to boast

so I am honoured to stand here and share some kind words

about Simon our Run coach and all he deserves

A Few years ago he was out for a run

and though of an idea he thought could be fun

He raced home to Ele and jot some things down

Little did he know it would be the talk of the town

It started from there and has never looked back

always learning and growing while leading this pack

I can speak for us all as I thank you tonight

We are so bloody proud be part of InnerFight

So here is to the future we know will be bright

More training smiles and races at Ireland's InnerFight.

Great work InnerFight Endurance Ireland enjoy the off season and be ready for more great things in 2024.


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