Endurance Athletes Getting Stronger

Ready to Elevate Your Endurance Game?
Written by Marcus Smith
Jess Towl
Nov 7, 2023
Endurance Athletes Getting Stronger

Ready to Elevate Your Endurance Game?

Incorporating strength training within an endurance program is a surefire way to elevate performance, simply because stronger muscles deliver greater power, speed, strength, and muscular endurance.

Where to Begin?

Our Strength for Endurance classes are the answer. We begin every periodised 9-week strength block by establishing strength benchmarks that we can retest at the end of the block. Incorporating two structured strength sessions into your weekly routine can lead to significant improvements in your endurance performance, while hugely benefitting your endurance sports pursuits.

Week 1:

Week one of each training block begins with an initial assessment of strength, power, and flexibility. After that, we start working on all three of these areas using a variety of endurance-specific exercises based on a weight percentage relevant to what you achieved during your week one tests.

Overload and Adaptation:

Periodised training works on the physiological concept of overload and adaptation. We achieve this through weekly increases in weight percentages while decreasing the volume of reps. This prepares an athlete to peak in performance when we re-test the movements at the end of the 9-week block.


Strength blocks serve as an excellent benchmark for tracking personal progress, and I've seen the results of our Strength for Endurance classes first-hand. Understanding one's true maxes and being held to a percentage is a great way to stay on track. Moreover, I've witnessed countless athletes who, after becoming too comfortable with 15-pound dumbbells, confidently upgrade to 35 pounds.

Mental and Physical Gains:

I love the midway mark of our program; members are beginning to add more weight to their split squats and bent-over rows, while seeing improvements in their max plank time and max broad jump distances.

Moreover, participants begin to understand the "why" of our program. Those “aha” moments are coming from every direction, and everyone is hungry for more.

I am always excited to see how much can be achieved within these 9-week programs.

Watching each member’s progress is inspiring, and I can't wait to see them reap the benefits during their races.

If you would like to join our next block or have any questions, please get in touch with me at JT@innerfight.com.

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