Our Standards

Simplicity is one of our brand values.
Written by Marcus Smith
Tom Walker
Sep 27, 2022
Our Standards

In 2018 our endurance team was made up of around 40 members. I am proud to say in 2022; we will be far closer to 400. This has happened quite organically but not by accident.

As the team has grown, so has our need for standards. This led us to create two ‘expectation lists. One is what we expect from our endurance coaches, and the other is the expectations of our endurance members.


An InnerFight Endurance Coach will:

- Strive to provide the best possible service for all clients

- Take feedback and criticism constructively, with only a goal of being better in mind.

- Show loyalty to the InnerFight brand through actions and attitude.

- Understand where they are on the coaching cycle at all time.

- Onboard clients who they are excited to coach.

- Reject or refer clients they feel are not right for their coaching style.

- See obstacles as challenges and challenges as ways to learn.


An InnerFight Athlete will:

- Understand they are part of an Endurance Team striving to be the best in the world.

- Ensure they clear with the coaches expectations and express their own expectations prior to the program beginning.

-Understand and try to live by the InnerFight brand values.

- Be clear with their time available for training and communicate it clearly to their coach.

- Provide feedback on all sessions within their TrainingPeaks account.

- Respect the coaches private time and 'normal' working hours.

- Check in with their coach weekly and inform of any schedule or life updates.

- Understand where their training is taking them and ask their coach questions if they don't understand.

- Act only in a positive manner during community sessions or events and express to their coach if a negative experience has arisen.

- Trust their coach and their coaching process, be willing to change habits and commit to the program.

- Understand their coach is striving to deliver what is best for them (the athlete).

- Make payments on time for the correct amount with a coaching reference (if paid online).

- Understand what No Weakness means to them.

Simplicity is one of our brand values. These two lists add an element of this for both the coach and athlete as it gives clear guidelines on how to be their best. In that sense, it is simple. However, reading these expectations is one thing. Acting on them is another.

This is where the magic of endurance meets the magic of life.

Want to get involved in our endurance team?


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If you want to swim faster on race day, it’s no secret you’ve got to swim fast in training.

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