Your Key to Unlocking Endurance Greatness

The secret to achieving your goals
Written by Marcus Smith
Rob Jones
Sep 5, 2023
Your Key to Unlocking Endurance Greatness

It’s common knowledge that endurance sports require physical and mental strength, but exactly how much mental toughness should you have in your race day reserve? I’ll give you a hint- it’s a lot more than what’s in your water pack.

Whether the goal is 10 kilometres or 100 miles, the training process remains the same, and the success of your event will always be determined by your consistency.

For instance, running for 30 minutes three times per week is far more conducive to your goals than one weekly 90 minute session.


Opting for shorter, more frequent training sessions will allow your body to adapt to a broader range of demands. This in turn fine tunes what goes on between the ears, enhancing your emotional regulation.

Training, suffering, losing, learning and accepting a barrage of pain, doubt and insecurity are the fundamental building blocks to mental toughness. You certainly shouldn’t despise every second of your workout, but nobody goes on to PB their races by solely experiencing rainbow and butterfly practice sessions.

Consistently pushing your limits is the only way to gauge how deep you can dig on race day.

But that’s not all. Be prepared for unexpected obstacles off the track as well. The most difficult challenges are within life’s endless series of interruptions and distractions, and you will continually be tempted off course by both yourself and others. People will steal your attention, usually with no intention of malice, but simply because their priorities don't align with your own; brunches, coffee mornings and last-minute meetings all play a part.

When your day is interrupted and your plans are compromised, excuses and guilt may follow. These are the moments when it's easy for your mindset to collapse.

Remember, everyone gets distracted, but those who perform well over time don’t allow interruptions to expand into long periods of inactivity. Instead, they dismiss the setback and get back on track.

There will be unwelcome interruptions. That’s life. But your response is always up to you.

Let consistency unlock your endurance greatness and get after it.

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